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FixxFest 2008... it's right around the corner!

Are we going? That's a good question. Stay tuned...

H20 2008 - No Hooters This Year...

It's been a long time since we rock n' rolled...

It's true, SFD has been on the down low... most everyone has forgotten the people, but everyone remembers The Legends! A handful of SFD enthusastics (not to be confused with spastics) went up to Ocean City, MD (that's Maryland, for the undereducated) to knock back some beers with, basically, the rest of the Eastern Seabord. And man, was it fun. Check the South Florida Dubs Gallery for some sexy photos from the event.

TMTuning and South Florida Dubs team up for sexy times!

TMTuning has agreed to become our main sponsor. Don't take our word for it, go and check on their site! Anyways, they are one of the largest (and bestest) distributors of OEM and OEM+ stuff in the US, and we'll be setting up orders from them throughout the year - if you are interested in ordering any parts and are an active member of the South Florida Dubs crew, then please get in touch with Mark and let him know about your needs and desires.

You're not an active member? Well shit, son, what are you waiting for?

Wednesday Night Meet @ Jerzey's

So the Jerzey's meet has been kinda dead of late... like, zombie invasion of the earth, dead. Well, apparently there was a recent sighting of more than a few of the original cast and crew of the South Florida Dubs at the ol' meet. Urban myth? Old wives tale? There's (probably) only one way to find out. No, no, take your hands out of your pants... and roll out there fool!