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"Untitled" - Fall 2007 Movie

Windows People (you know who you are) can watch a special Windows Media Player version, if they're not cool enough to use Quicktime.

Freakin' finally! The latest video work from South Florida Dubs is ready for the public eye (careful - it burns when it gets right in your eye - or so Mark tells us) and we're pleased as punch with how it turned out. New music, new footage, and a new breath of fresh style to revitalize the video scene. Tired of seeing the same ol' stuff over and over? Check out "Untitled" and marvel at the bold flavor and thick marinade of dopetastic freshness. Why's it called "Untitled"? Because "We rule and here's why" just sounded pretentious.

2007 Fall Movie Preview

South Florida Dubs is extremely pleased to present a preview of the most recent film effort by the brand new, very enthusiastic, and very skilled SFD video crew. We can't tell you the name of the new flick (it's still under wraps), but we can tell you its code-name: "Indie Music In Every Video Fucking Sucks." Download the short preview and get a taste, we're sure you'll be back for more. For some of you, it may very well be the sweetest 45 seconds of your life.

Not Fixxed

After 3 months and many, many long nights in front of a computer sifting through the hours of footage from FixxFest 2006, South Florida Dubs presents the newest video in the SFD collection: Not Fixxed! (Warning: Large file size may incur longer than usual download times. Seriously, it's big.)


Hydration is important, especially when you're this hot. So get yourself a tall glass of South Florida Dubs action and keep cool in the 80-degree weather that is the Sizzlouth.


Sometimes you have a lot of leftover footage and tons of free time. This is usually the case when you don't have a girlfriend... anyway, the South Florida Dubs remix lots of the footage and add in plenty of never-before-seen bonus footage to bring you... Leftovers. Best served cold.


Durtyfest 2006 footage, mixed and matched by the South Florida Dubs.

Dub Love

South Florida Dubs loves Volkswagens. If you didn't catch that yet, there's probably something wrong with you and we'll have to send someone over to hit you on the head with a tackhammer.

Rub This Dub

Some dubbers really, really, really love their dubs. A lot.

How We Do

This is how we do it. Don't believe us? See for yourself: Video proof of miscreant activity on the streets of South Florida. It's so hot it'll singe your eyebrows and make your eyeballs melt.

Blown Dubs

The original video that started the collection and first documented the antics and experiences of South Florida Dubs.